Money Saving Hacks for Students in USA

We thought its important to tell you guys a bunch of student hacks, to save some $money$ and also to get more value for the money you spend as a student in USA.

Shopping :

We would suggest you to buy from Amazon Student. This is the best place for a student to find the best deal in Electronics (Laptops/Mobiles/Calculators/Robots/etc.), Books (TextBooks/Papers/etc.), Winter-Clothing, even Food & Groceries!!!

Especially Used Books (available for as low as $2) are best bought from Amazon.

They have a starting promotion offer of $10, only if you join using your University Email ID ( And you get FREE Amazon Prime shipping (which is 2-day shipping for FREE).

To get that $10 & Prime, use the link below :

International Phone Calling :

We would suggest you to use LocalPhone. It costs 1cent/1min on India Calling. It also has really really low rates for calling other countries.

"LocalPhone" comes as a Mobile Phone App, it works over mobile network / wifi. This is probably the best, transparent, and clean service as of today. We strongly suggest you to use this. There are other calling cards. But this stands out - because you can call almost any country at the best price, without any hassle. Its really good, has NO disruptions & NO problems. Even they have a starting promotion offer of $10.

They also provide a free 10min test call to any country. Plus your $10 starting offer - should give you about 1010mins to India. You can join using your University Email ID

PS : the $10 will only come after you do a pre-paid recharge for $20 or above. If you add $20, you would get $30. This is their marketing scheme. But, their service is great and has the lowest cost in market till date.

Travelling :

For travelling to grocery shops and other places, you would generally use Bus. But there may be situations when there are NO bus/train services near you, and you would want to take a cab/taxi. Problem is cab/taxi are very very expensive.

So what we would suggest you to use is Uber & Lyft. Install both Apps on your phone. They are as good as a cab/taxi, and way more cheaper than cab/taxi in general. (atleast 60% cheaper than regular cabs)

NOTE : Some of you may have an UBER/similar account in your home country. We would suggest you to create a new account to get this offer. Map the new account to your new phone number that you get.

Uber referal link for $30 (promotion offer, with this you can go upto ~20miles) : 

PROMO : ubermyrides30

Lyft referral link for $30 (promotion offer, with this you can go upto ~ 20miles) :


We are trying to find more such deals / offers for you. We will keep you posted.

Free Food :

Munchery is a startup which focuses on delivering freshly cooked food to your house at the time you request from their App/Website. They offer Vegetarian & Non-Vegetarian delicacies delivered to your doorstep. They have indian cuisine too.

PROMO : imunch20

You get free dinner delivered for first time customer upto $20: 

Click Here for $20 Offer Link from MUNCHERY


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