University Selection : USNews Ranking, GRE Scores, Application Deadlines and more !

University selection is arguably the most talked-about subject in innumerable forums and groups both online and offline. There is a good reason for that. The University which you select for your MS/PhD study will ultimately define your future career and your life. Hence, it's an important step in a students life. 

In this post, we will help fellow students in making their decision. We are providing full information about Top 100 Universities according to US News Ranking 2013. Moreover, we are also providing Tuition-Fee per year, Application Fee, Acceptance rate (MS and PHD), Average Undergraduate CGPA of already admitted students, Average GRE Verbal and Quant Scores, Updated Application Deadlines, Departmental Contacts and last but definitely not the least, TOEFL and GRE codes needed to reporting scores to the Universities.

Click Here for the document : US News 2013 Excel

Sign in from your Gmail Account and Download the document on your computer from the link for full information as the Excel sheet is too large to view on G-Drive.

We hope this post will improve the decision making of our fellow students and also help them in securing a place in one of the top-notch Universities in USA. All the Best !!

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